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Crafting is a central part of the player-driven economy in Crowfall and the primary way that items are created in the game.[1] The goals of crafting are to enable players to create items that tie into the different systems, such as equipment, city building and sieges, and to create interlocking behaviors that drive players to engage with other players.

The closest crafting model to Crowfall is probably EVE Online. The recipe system is heavily inspired by the designs that Raph Koster created on both Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies, and the randomized enchantment system resembles the one designed by J Todd Coleman for Shadowbane.[2]

Crafting is very likely going to be a decisive factor that determines whether a Campaign is lost or won.

Profession[edit | edit source]

Every character has the ability to craft some items from the beginning of the game. However, further crafting requires the accumulation of recipes via diverse gameplay mechanics. Crafting is a full and independent game system that can be the central focus of a character and a viable profession. It is an exploration game that implies testing and tuning.

The benefits of crafting include building a reputation by creating products that other players can rely on, selling items that are sought out far and wide and getting incessant requests from other players to craft new items. Crafters will be able to craft unique items, explore new recipes and profit from the results of this exploration, create customized items for all styles of play[3] and affix their mark to their crafted items.[4]

As players in Crowfall can and will lose their items, the crafters in the Campaigns will likely be in very high demand, while in the Eternal Kingdoms they will have to rely on other players to provide them with the resources they need to build and craft.[5] The import and export rules also mean that there will be localized demand for crafting throughout the game universe.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Crowfall’s recipes are fluid and the ingredients are not strict, which leads to a higher degree of system exploration. The player can choose which tiers of the resources to put in the slots and as long as the slots are filled with something valid, the recipe will craft. This reduces the recipe count significantly and every recipe in the Crowfall player’s book remains useful.

Additives that are dropped by the creatures can be added to alter the item in a significant way. While the recipe list is shorter, the possible outcomes are greater than a standard crafting system. Additional stages that can enhance the item, such as refining the alloys, forging the weapon and enchanting it with Thralls, increase the possible combinations. Ores from all resource tiers are used throughout the entire crafting tree, which means that no ore becomes obsolete. Any metal, leather or cloth can be used to fill the corresponding slots.

Pre-Alpha Crafting Interface
Pre-Alpha Alloy System
Pre-Alpha Vehicule Crafting

Basic Crafting[edit | edit source]

Basic Harvesting Axe
Basic Harvesting Hammer
Basic Harvesting Knife
Basic Harvesting Pick
Basic Boots
Basic Chest
Basic Gloves
Basic Helmet
Basic Shield
Basic Arrows
Basic Book of Sin
Basic Bow
Basic Dagger
Basic Mystical Staff
Basic Off Hand Pistol
Basic One Handed Axe
Basic One Handed Hammer
Basic One Handed Rapier
Basic One Handed Sword
Basic Two Handed Axe
Basic Two Handed Polearm
Basic Two Handed Sword
Small Campfire
Survivalist Cooking

Runemaking[edit | edit source]

Book Chapter
Runestone: Death
Runestone: Harvesting Tools
Runestone: Life
Axe Sigil
Death Sigil
Hammer Sigil
Knife Sigil
Life Sigil
Pick Sigil
Shovel Sigil
Specialty Seal
Unmarked Stone Runestone
Unmarked Wooden Runestone

Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Grind Resource
Philosopher's Solution
Philosopher's Stone
Harvest Exceptional Gems Minerals
Plentiful Harvest Potion: Grave Digging
Plentiful Harvest Potion: Logging
Plentiful Harvest Potion: Mining
Plentiful Harvest Potion: Quarrying
Plentiful Harvest Potion: Skinning
Empty Flask
Healing over Time Potion

Cooking[edit | edit source]


Blacksmithing[edit | edit source]

Chain Armor Layer
Metal Rings
Metal Sheet
Plate Armor Layer
Treated Steel
Metal Bar
Weapon Grip
Shield Covering
Weapon Blade: Curved
Weapon Blade: Long
Weapon Blade: Medium
Weapon Blade: Short
Weapon Blade: Thin
Weapon Crossguard
Weapon Head: Axe
Weapon Head: Hammer
Weapon Head: Mace
Weapon Hilt
Weapon Pommel
Weapon Shaft: Short
Arrowhead Bundle:Crushing
Arrowhead Bundle: Piercing
Arrowhead Bundle: Slashing
Book Clasp
Bow Rest
Bow Sight
Pistol Barrel
Pistol Body
Pistol Hammer and Frizzen
Pistol Trigger
Great Weapon Crossguard
Great Weapon Pommel
Staff Heel
Sword Core: Great
Weapon Blade: Great
Weapon Head: Great Axe
Weapon Head: Great Mace
Weapon Hilt: Great
Weapon Shaft: Long
Weapon Shaft: Medium
Mail Boots
Mail Coif
Mail Gloves
Mail Hauberk
Plate Boots
Plate Chest
Plate Gloves
Plate Helmet
One Handed Axe
One Handed Dagger
One Handed Hammer
One Handed Long Sword
One Handed Mace
One Handed Rapier
One Handed Scimitar
Pistol: Main Hand
Pistol: Off Hand
Two Handed Axe
Two Handed Mace
Two Handed Polearm
Two Handed Polemace
Two Handed Sword

Woodworking[edit | edit source]

Arrow Shaft Bundle
Book Binding
Book Bound Chapters
Bow Riser
Bow Stave Limb
Parchment Paper
Parchment Vellum
Shield Base: Medium
Shield Base: Small
Staff Head
Staff Limb
Bow: Arcane Longbow
Bow: Composite Recurve
Bow: Composite Reflex
Bow: High Tension Compound
One Handed Book
Advanced Arrows
Basic Arrows
Magic Quiver
Siege Ballista Blueprint
Siege Catapult Blueprint
Blueprint Scroll
Pen and Ink
Rudimentary Compass
Blank Map

Leatherworking[edit | edit source]

Bow Grip
Bow String
Hardened Leather
Lacing Sinew
Leather Armor Layer
Reinforced Padding
Stitched Leather
Leather Boots
Leather Chest
Leather Gloves
Leather Helmet

Necromancy[edit | edit source]

Restored Arm
Restored Centaur Body
Restored Head
Restored Leg
Restored Torso
Centaur Vessel
Elken Vessel
Fae Vessel
Guinecean Vessel
Half-Elf Vessel
Half-Giant Vessel
High-Elf Vessel
Human Vessel
Minotaur Vessel
Nethari Vessel
Stoneborn Vessel
Wood-Elf Vessel

Jewelcrafting[edit | edit source]

Cut Gemstone: Oval
Cut Gemstone: Round
Cut Gemstone: Square
Grind Gemstone
Polish Gemstone
Polish Soulgem
Ring Band
Ring Setting

Stonemasonry[edit | edit source]

Diamond Cutting Blade
Grinding Wheel
Polishing Paste
A Large City Parcel
A Basic Small Farm Parcel
A Basic Small Woodland Creek
A Basic Woodland Grove Parcel
A Basic Woodland Hills Parcel
A Medium Shire Parcel
A Medium Town Parcel
A Medium Village Parcel
A Small Hamlet Parcel
An Extra Large Capital Parcel
Ore Concentrate
Deed: Cottage
Deed: Fort Keep
Deed: Manor
Deed: Throne Lodge
Deed: Villa
A Set of Bricks
Architectural Arches
Architectural Roof Segment
Architectural Wall Segment
Architecture Frame
Carpentry Nails
Floor Tiles
Foundation Segment
Wall Insulation
Wood Shingle

References[edit | edit source]