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Half-Elfs in Crowfall belong to the playable Races, which were introduced alongside with the newly added Classes in the massive reveal on May 18th, 2017. The old Archetypes, which were presented earlier, became completely obsolete.

Strength Dexterity Intellect Spirit Constitution
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Concept of a female Half-Elf Ranger
Concept of a male Half-Elf Ranger

Description[edit | edit source]

The people known collectively as Half-Elves are not exactly a race; they are a loose-knit collection of outcasts bound together by their mixed blood and their exclusion from ‘pure-blood’ society. Stronger than most Elves and faster than most humans, Half-Elves make excellent druids, archers and trackers – and they use these skills to track down others of their kind and offer them succor and protection.

Quite often, Half-Elves will band together into ‘clans’, which act as a combination of adopted family and mercenary company. Half-Elves are not generally considered pious, but clan members are permitted to worship any god they choose. While many find solace in the gods of Men, others may call upon elder gods such as wolf, serpent, bear and spider.[1]

Available Classes[edit | edit source]

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Racial Discipline[edit | edit source]

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Racial Powers and Passives[edit | edit source]



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Character Model (Pre-Alpha-5.100)[edit | edit source]

Male and Female

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Concept: Customization of the Half-Elf woman
Concept: Customization of the Half-Elf man


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