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The maps in Crowfall are huge and the zones are seamless, akin to virtual continents. A player can walk from one end to the other without seeing a loading screen.[1] The maps are also unique; each one has a different layout that is unknown to the players at the beginning of the campaign.

When the players join a campaign for the first time, they are surrounded by fog of war, which means that the locations of the strategic resources, abandoned strongholds and Points of Interests are unknown to them. The beginning of each campaign resembles to the first turn of a game of “Civilization”[2] and the maps will present a fresh landscape where players build structures to defend territory and alter the environment to suit their needs.[3] They have to scout out resources and weapons, build fortifications and ultimately conquer that world before it is destroyed.[4]

Strategy Map[edit | edit source]

Crowfall will feature strategy maps, similar to those used in Shadowbane, with crests indicating the territory that is controlled by a certain guild or alliance.[5]

Territory Map
Resource Map

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