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The game universe is made up of five levels being the Eternal Kingdoms, God's Reach, The Infected, The Shadow and The Dregs

The External Kingdoms are player created worlds and are very low risk to the players but return minor rewards in resources

The next four levels increase the risk to players (tougher PvP environment) but the rewards also increase with difficulty

Crowfall's universe map
Crowfall's world architecture chart

Eternal Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

Risk: Set by player
Resources: Very limited (no quarries, mills or mines.

Player-owned and managed kingdoms are the only permanent Worlds. They can grant other players land and titles, set up PvP rules.

God's Reach[edit | edit source]

3 Faction World

Risk: Low
Resources: Limited
Reward: Victor keeps 70% of loot, Losers keep 30%.

Proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Before the World is destroyed, Chaos and Order should win as much territory as possible. The task for Balance is, to have no clear winner.

The Infected[edit | edit source]

6 to 12 Factions World

Risk: Moderate
Resources: Moderate
Reward: Victor keeps 75% of loot, Losers keep 25%.

The Shadow[edit | edit source]

Guild vs. Guild

Risk: High
Resources: High including rare resources
Reward: Victor keeps 80% of loot, Losers keep 20%.

Abundance of resources and rich cache of souls.

The Dregs[edit | edit source]

Risk: Highest
Resources: Highest, best resources, including rare resources
Reward: Victor keeps 100% of loot, Losers keep 0%.